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"FullXML هو مفتوح المصدر آسيا والمحيط الهادئ / إكسمل بوابة ونظام إدارة المحتوى". EditByBrothersoft : Fullxml 3.4.0 هو نظام إدارة المحتوى المتقدمة تقوم على إكس إم إل ، ولكن أيضا باستخدام آسيا والمحيط الهادئ ، وجافا سكريبت VBScript.

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"FullXML is an open source ASP/XML Portal and Content Management System."EditByBrothersoft: Fullxml 3.4.0 is a Content Management System developed based on XML, but also using ASP, JavaScript and VBScript. The data are stored in an XML database.The development of Fullxml has been started by John Roland around the year 2000, later others have joined and developed different modules (Jens Schreiber, Miguel Figueira, Eduardo Azambuja, Davidhs, F. Aunel, Robert Sekman, Jan Larsen).Now there are 2 main streams in the development, FXMods has developed version 2.4 and now 2.6, which can be downloaded from their website.Sape Miedema developed version 2.5 and now 3.4.0, which can be downloaded from this website. This version is mainly developed for own use, but is distributed freely on this website.The latest version on this website is 3.4.0 which is available in the downloads section. With respect to version 2.5.5 many changes have been applied.
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