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"XMLNuke هو إطار لتطوير تطبيقات الويب ومحتوى الموقع" EditByBrothersoft : * ومن إطارا لتطبيقات ويب يستند كليا على إكس إم إل.

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"XMLNuke is a development framework for Web Application and site content"EditByBrothersoft: * It is a framework for Web applications based entirely on XML. * All output is done in XML. The XMLNuke framework converts the XML into the appropriate format - HTML, RSS, Excel, etc.. All so simple. * Internally it has a small content management system (CMS). * XML became a standard for representation and exchange of information * XML is Similar to HTML, but better structured * Easy to read, write and understand * XML is extensible * The"owner"of the XML can Create own definitions of documents * XMLNuke is fully extensible because it inherits all XML properties * XMLNuke can fit for your application and not the oppositeXMLNuke featuresThe XMLNuke is not only a framework with a set of classes * It creates an Abstraction layer in which the programmer is concerned only with the code. The programmer needs not to worry about HOW the result will be presented, but HOW to produce the information. * Prescind various elements such as database, security (with multiple roles), file system, etc.. All the elements are dealt with only within the framework. * Native support for internationalization, multiple sites, templates (based on XSL) * Text file cache automatic or manual * Multiple sites * Integrated security and login with single sign-in * Internationalization * Access to any data source (DB, Text, CSV, XML, etc.) using the same way * Possibility to modify the templates of XMLNuke and customize it according to your needs * Possibility to create your own objects with your own XML templates * Tested and approved on several platforms: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD * Works with two programming languages: C# (.NET and Mono), PHP5 (Linux or Windows)
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