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"Hypersecurity DataVault يؤمن البيانات بسرعة وفعالية" اخبر صمم Hypersecurity DataVault لتوفير حل نهاية إلى نهاية الحقيقية التي تلبي احتياجات المؤسسات والمستخدمين النهائيين.

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"Hypersecurity DataVault secures data quickly and effectively"EditByBrothersoft: Hypersecurity DataVault was designed to provide a true end-to-end solution that meets the needs of enterprise and end-users. Anything secured in Hypersecurity DataVault is protected with the same standard of encryption used by the U.S. Government for Top Secret data. Hypersecurity DataVault is the only product on the market that provides manageable data security without burdening users to learn a complex array of policy rules and enforcement decisions. By allowing users to easily secure data, Hypersecurity DataVault exceeds the capabilities of all products available today. Manage Your Documents Intelligently and EasilyIf you routinely work with"office"type files, like spreadsheets, presentations, text or word documents, those are the only files that are monitored. You can specify exactly what type of file is to be monitored. If you work with media, pictures and sound files, you can set a policy so all of your media, picture and sound files are monitored. Non-intrusive, Intuitive Approach to Data ProtectionUnlike other solutions that force an entire hard drive to be encrypted, we operate using an intelligent, easily configurable document monitoring and management policy that allows you to determine what needs protection based on the types of documents you use most. Security AssuranceIf an encrypted file is removed from your machine, it remains encrypted. It cannot be unencrypted without residing on the device that encrypted it and having your password provided as a part of the decryption process. Even if your device is stolen or the data is removed from it, your data is still protected!
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