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"دي جي للبرمجيات متقدمة السمعية خلط عالية الدقة" BSEditor : هو مجهزة تجهيزا كاملا ProDJ 5 مع مجموعة قوية من المزايا المبتكرة التي تساعد على دي جي (لجميع أنواع ومستويات الخبرة) على إطلاق إمكاناتها الخلط.

  • مرات التنزيل: 355
  • متطلبات التشغيل: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • الحجم: 19.95MB
  • الترخيص: Demo $159.00
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  • اضيف في: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
  • اخر تحديث: 20/05/2010
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استخدام البرامج التي تم تنزيلها من موقعنا يجب أن يكون وفقاً للقوانين في بلدك.لا نوصي باستخدام برامج تنتهك القوانين في بلدك.،اذا كنت تري ان هذا المحتوي لا يتوافق مع حقوق الملكية الفكرية برجاء ابلاغنا بالضغط هنا


"Advanced DJ Software for mixing high-fidelity audio"BSEditor: ProDJ 5 is fully equipped with an powerful array of innovative features that helps DJs(of all genres & levels of expertise) unleash their mixing potential. In addition to essential auto beat-mixing, cueing, synchronize beat-looping and MIDI mapping of all major controllers; ProDJ 5's offers superior stability and mixing performance you require for each and every performance.Perfect Auto Beat-Matching!Always stay in perfect beat with ProVJ 5's automated beat-matching system (PerfectSyncTM). Load your audio or video tracks, and the DJ Software will automatically scan your files for a beat, calculate beats per minute (BPM), and change the tempo of your 2nd track for pin-point synchronization. Features * NEW - Auto Beatmatching * NEW - Beat Grid Display * NEW - ASIO Sound Card * NEW - Tag/Database Editor * NEW - Manual BPM Editor * NEW - Added MIDI Controller Support * NEW - Cue Point selection & marker * NEW - Looping & Remixing controls * NEW - Redesigned Interface (designed for maximum DJ efficiency) * NEW - 6 new ultra-Modern skins * NEW - Quick Search added to both the Recordcase & Groups * Dual interactive waveforms * Track progress waveform * Custom MIDI device mapping control * Cue Point selection display * Precise playback control: position, tempo, pitch, pitch bend * Frame-exact audio synchronization * Dual audio outputs for using an external audio mixer * Built-in emulated audio mixer with full PFL capabilities * Playlist editor with auto-mix and auto-fade capability for seamlessly mixing * Fade Now! Function for mixing current track with next one at any time (with Auto Beat-matching!) * Customizable Crossfade Display * Album artwork displays * 8 mixing Sampler Decks * Set Cue points within a fraction of a millisecond * Volume Normalization *And more only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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