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"هذا التمديد توسيع الروابط من العديد من الخدمات تقصير رابط." تحرير بقلم س المحرر : هذا التمديد ببساطة يوسع تقصير عناوين المواقع وجدت على صفحات الويب التي تزورها.

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استخدام البرامج التي تم تنزيلها من موقعنا يجب أن يكون وفقاً للقوانين في بلدك.لا نوصي باستخدام برامج تنتهك القوانين في بلدك.،اذا كنت تري ان هذا المحتوي لا يتوافق مع حقوق الملكية الفكرية برجاء ابلاغنا بالضغط هنا


"This extension expands links from many url shortening services."Edit By BS Editor: This extension simply expands shortened urls found on web pages you visit. It does this automatically as you browse the internet.Chrome URL Expander supports many URL shortening services. For a complete list please see my website. To report any issues please use the Support & FAQ link below or leave a comment.Coming Soon: rollover expanding and an improved Options page.Version 1.5.2 General code cleanup.Version 1.5.1 fixes a Typo.Version 1.5 is new and improved. Switching the backend has improved the speed of the extension as well as the reliability. New in this version is the ability to use the expanded page's title for the link's text. You can control this in the options. Another new feature is that changes to the options page take effect without reloading the page you are on. Please report any issues.Version 1.2.1 just fixes some minor issues.Version 1.2 has improved enable/disable functionality. Disabling the expander will result in restoring the original shortened URLs. I have also implemented a caching system that will store the last 500 url's you have expanded to reduce network traffic. This is customizable in the options page.Version 1.0 Now has a enable/disable function. Chrome URL Expander will now add a button in your toolbar that allows you to enable and disable the url expanding (but not the extension itself) at your leisure. Please report any bugs you may find with this new functionality.Version 0.9.3 now works with dynamic updates. If the page updates dynamically, such as, Chrome URL Expander will Detect this and recheck the page for any links to expand.You can control the number of characters displayed when the link is updated as well as control if you want to update the link text, the link target, or both. See screenshot for more Details. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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