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"A desktop application for personal and home budgeting." Edit By BS Editor: A desktop application for personal and Home Budgeting. Features: * Create customized month-to-month budgets * Familiar, easy-to-use Spreadsheet-like interface * Organize your budget items using Categories and Folders * Colour coded budget worksheet identifies budget items and folders as Earning, Spending, Saving, or Giving * Collapsible budget worksheet rows allow you to view as much or as Little detail as you want * Assign memos to budget entries (great for remembering why a particular budget value was chosen!) * Track actual spending habits by importing transactions from your online banking site * Compare planned monthly budgets with actual totals * View and compare annual budget and actual totals using the Summary view * View transactions for any date or budget item, folder, or category * SMART calculation of monthly and annual balances that uses budgeted or actual data depending on Current date * Manual entry of transactions supported in conjunction with transaction importing * Drag and drop transactions to assign them to your budget items * Split transactions into multiple transactions that can be assigned to separate budget items * Balance calculator tool estimates how much money you will have in the future * Create multiple budget files as needed * Automatic updating of files created with previous versions of Fussbudget
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