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  • متطلبات التشغيل: Windows XP, 2000, 98
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"RP Viewer is a free application to view, read, write and print RP and STL files." BS Editor: RP Viewer is a free application to view, read, write and print RP and STL files. With RP Viewer it becomes very easy to create and share RP files with another party such as a RP service bureau or a supplier.Some of the features of this free viewer are listed below:# Model property calculations such as surface area, volume, number of vertices, edges, faces and shells, etc.# Superior 3D trackball style viewing with dynamic zoom and pan# Print and print preview# Directly send model by email# Pre-configured axis and isometric views# Display model as solid, wireframe and points# Orthographic and perspective projection# Model transparency (vital in visualizing hollowed models)# Different colors for front face, back face and background (helps in detecting errors in models)# One-click copy to clipboard# Customizable viewing options# Capable of viewing multiple documents at the same time# Comprehensive help system
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