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"JCrypTool هو الترميز الجديد منصة التعلم الإلكتروني".

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"JCrypTool is the new cryptography e-learning platform." Edit by Brothersoft: JCrypTool is the new cryptography e-learning platform. Developed as an open-source project based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), it enables students, teachers, developers, and anyone else interested in cryptography to apply and analyze cryptographic algorithms in a Modern, easy-to-use application. Its aim is to create a new form of e-learning by not just encouraging users to learn about cryptography and apply the algorithms themselves, but also to develop their own cryptographic plug-ins and extend the JCrypTool platform in new directions. JCrypTool already includes a wealth of cryptographic mechanisms including classic, symmetric, and asymmetric encryption, hash functions, analysis tools, and number games.JCrypTool is the successor to CrypTool, The Well-known e-learning application for cryptography and cryptanalysis.JCrypTool includes an action history feature so that the user can record a cascade of functions that can be replayed.JCrypTool is bundled with the advanced cryptographic libraries BouncyCastle and FlexiProvider, and other libraries can be easily added to the project. FlexiProvider is the initial default provider, but users can freely change to a different default provider. The unique feature here is: A fall-through functionality searches top-down for an implementation of any given cryptographic Algorithm so that even a specialized provider with only a small subset of algorithms can be selected as the default.
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