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"فويسنغ عشرات الموظفين transcribes فويسنغ على الموظفين الموسيقية."

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استخدام البرامج التي تم تنزيلها من موقعنا يجب أن يكون وفقاً للقوانين في بلدك.لا نوصي باستخدام برامج تنتهك القوانين في بلدك.،اذا كنت تري ان هذا المحتوي لا يتوافق مع حقوق الملكية الفكرية برجاء ابلاغنا بالضغط هنا


"Voicings Staff transcribes Voicings scores onto the musical staff." Voicings Staff transcribes Voicings scores onto the musical staff.Features * Transcribes scores one track at a time * All note positions reflect the exact construction (root and intervals) * Bar lines are drawn automatically based on time signatures in the score * Bar numbers can be printed at the beginning of each line * Selecting a clef and key signature adjusts the notation automatically * Chord names marked for export are printed * Accompanying chord Diagrams can be printed or hidden * Specify fonts and sizes for the staff, text and title * Alter note spacing, spacing around the staff and chordname height * Alter the chord diagram size * Optional Compact layout for chord names/diagrams * Preview print paging and layout * Print the staff * Export the TAB notation to a plain (ASCII) text file * Does not transcribe drum/percussion tracks * Does not reproduce multiple overlapping ties * Needs no installation * Saves settings file in program folder * 32-bit and 64-bit versions included
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