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  • مرات التنزيل: 307
  • متطلبات التشغيل: Windows XP, 2000, 98
  • الحجم: 335MB
  • الترخيص: Shareware $39.99
  • الاصدار : Music
  • اضيف في: 2010-10-08 00:00:00
  • اخر تحديث: 10/08/2010
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"The First Music Software which support all instruments and melodies." Sofeh Music Studio is the First Music Software which support all instruments and melodies like pop, rock, arabic, iranian, indian and turkish.Features: - Create and Edit Your Music - Define Categories, Tracks and Rhythms - Create and Edit Virtual Instruments from Real Sounds and Tune it - Import KORG Instruments - Combine 2 or more Instruments in Tracks and Make a New Sound - Create and Edit Music Systems (1/4, 1/8, ...) - Connect Your MIDI Keyboard and Play or Record in Real-time - Virtual Keyboard (Use PC Keyboard and Mouse) - Sing a song, Record in a Wave Track and Combine with Music - Make Multi-Song from single Song (Duplicate Track and Change Frequency) - Import MIDI files, Change Instruments, Edit, Add Filters and Effects and Create a New Better Music - Export to Wave or MP3 file and Share your Music with others - Create Stand-alone file Contain Instruments, Systems, ... - Filters: Volume/Pan, Octave/Key/Tune, Stereo Mixer, Band Pass, Compressor, Dynamic Amplify, Echo, Equalizer, Flanger, Notch, Parametric Eq, Phaser, Pitch Scale, 3D Sound, Treble Enhancer, True Bass - Effects: Key Repeat (like Sitar), Key Connection (like Guitar), Frequency Shake (like Violin), Volume/Pan Shake - More than 70 High Quality Instruments and Drums Instruments: Accordion, AirBell, Aud (Arabic), Banjo, Bass, Bass Rezo, Crystal Pad, Flute, Guitar, Guitar Elec, Nay Anban (Iranian), Nay (Arabic), Nay (Iranian), Nay Vega, Oboe, Organ, Piano, Piano Elec, Pizzicato, Qanoun (Arabic), Rolbra, Saw, Sax, Sax Alto, Sitar (Indian), String, Tar (Iranian), Trumpet, Trumpet (Turkish), Violon, Zampona and ... Drum Kits: Standard, Arabic, Iranian, Noramoss and ... Solid Drums: Pop, Remix, Arabic, Iranian, Afghan and ... - Intelligent Pedal and more only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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