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  • مرات التنزيل: 183
  • متطلبات التشغيل: Windows XP, 2000, 98
  • الحجم: 6.42MB
  • الترخيص: GPL Free
  • الاصدار : UltraStar
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  • اخر تحديث: 20/08/2010
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"A song management application lets you keep an eye on your UltraStar collection." With this song management application you are able to keep an eye on your UltraStar collection. Quickly find songs with missing covers, backgrounds or videos. Features: * Media Player to preview songs with lyrics * lyrics editor * modify and clean-up lots of songs with One Click * manage playlists * duplicate song detection * automatic cover download from various web sourcesChanges in v1.8.0MENU* Office2007-like ribbon bar added > reduces mouse click count > hideableTASKS* convert syllable placeholders (~ > -, - > ~)* convert absolute to relative timestamps and vice versa* fix capitalization for #TITLE tagTask List* you may save 4 different selections now (flags above the list) > should be useful because there are so many tasks right nowMEDIA PLAYER* play a song and watch the lyrics* support for duet songs present =)* jump directly to edit mode of the current line via context menuSONGS* cache any []-tags in the filename at song load > e.g."Wizo - Hund [kar] [foo].txt"caches"kar"and"foo" > used for recognition of karaoke songs > used for recognition of duet songs (at least one possibility) > used for song friends (do avoid naming conflicts)SONG/ID3 TAG TASKS* new conditions:"isDuet","isKaraoke","isSingStar"RENAME TASKS* new conditions:"isDuet","isKaraoke","isSingStar"* new source:"titlecompact"-> #TITLE without []-tagsSONG FRIENDS* if more than one song is in a folder, the first one will be the primary song and the rest will be"songs friends" > select primary song via double-click or"open"on the proper song text file* share primary song's tags except #GAP, #EDITION > karaoke songs do not share #MP3 > song friends append all cached []-tags to #TITLE* limited access to song friends possible (see KNOWN BUGS)
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UltraStar Manager

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