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"A Free Open Source Chromatic Tuner for Windows and Windows Mobile." EditByBrothersoft: Free open source instrument / musical Chromatic Tuner (like an electronic Guitar Tuner) for Windows, Windows Mobile, & Pocket PC. Displays name of note played and accurate indication of whether pitch is sharp, flat, or exact (relative to a 440Hz A).FeaturesFull instrument / musical chromatic tuner (full Frequency range TBD: I know it works for my guitar:);Indicates whether note is sharp, flat, or exactly right (with reference to a 440Hz"A");MinimalistNote! Ensure Volume Bar is GreenThe volume bar (on the far right hand side of the main screen) needs to be into the green before reliable tuning can be achieved (otherwise the tuning arrows become rather flickery); I've never got it high enough to go red, so I don't know if that is a problem or not! I discovered this by trying to tune my unamplified Hohner G3T headless Electric Guitar: it is do-able, but you need a microphone right under the strings!If you are not getting anything at all on the volume bar, you may need to adjust your audio properties: The tuner uses your PC's"Preferred Device"for sound recording. There are various examples of how to configure the microphone as the recording device for Windows PCs floating around.A good rule of thumb is if you can't record your instrument using Sound Recorder (Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment), then the tuner will not be able to hear it either.
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