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Querydsl is a framework which enables the construction of type-safe SQL-like queries. Instead of writing queries as inline strings or externalizing them into XML files they aren be constructed via a fluent API like Querydsl.The benefits of using a fluent API in comparison to simple strings are: * code completion in IDE (all properties, methods and operations can be expanded in your favorite Java IDE) * almost no syntactically invalid queries allowed (type-safe on all levels) * domain types and properties can be referenced safely (no Strings involved!) * adopts better to refactoring changes in domain types * incremental Query definition is easierSupported backendsJPA / Hibernate * Getting started with Querydsl using Hibernate * via the querydsl-hql module * tested with Hibernate using Derby, HSQLDB and MySQLJDO * Getting started with Querydsl using JDO * via the querydsl-jdoql module * tested with DataNucleus Access PlatformJava Collections * Getting started using Querydsl for Collections * via the querydsl-collections moduleSQL * Getting started using Querydsl for SQL * via the querydsl-sql module * supports Derby, HSQLDB, MySQL (5.1), Postgres (8.4), Oracle (10/11) and MS SQL Server (2008)RDF * via RDFBean, our Object/RDF persistence framework * tested with RDFBean using SesameLucene * Getting started using Querydsl for Lucene * via the querydsl-lucene moduleHibernate Search * Getting started using Querydsl for Hibernate Search * via the querydsl-hibernate-search module What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Bean generation and foreign key issues were improved.
· Bean generation annotation usage was improved.

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