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"The best COM SDK for developing vulnerability and patch management applications." Brothersoft Editor: Update Services Engine is a set of COM Interfaces developed by Nuvasec to Detect vulnerabilities existing on a computer, and examine which security updates are currently available for the computer. Developers can integrate Update Services features into computer management or patch management software, and easily write scripts and programs to scan, download, and install the updates to fix the vulnerabilities.It is a well-designed SDK for developing vulnerability detect and patch management software, and provides very rich programming interfaces. It supports for most products of Microsoft products, including operating systems and applications, More than 960 different versions of products are supported, more than 43 different languages of patches are supported, more than 50,000 patches are collected in vulnerability database, and these almost covers all the security updates released by Microsoft after the year 2000.Update Services Engine consists of two parts, they are EDLL (Engine Dynamic Link Library) and VDF (Vulnerability Database Files). EDLL is the implementation of COM interfaces, and composed by two dynamic link library, they are USE.dll and USD.dll. The USE.dll implements the COM interfaces about scanning for vulnerabilities and installing updates, provides functionalities of querying detailed information. The USD.dll implements the functionalities of updates download. VDF contains methods of detecting vulnerabilities and updates, includes Details of vulnerabilities and updates that are supported by Update Services Engine. VDF will be updated time in time as the release of the latest vulnerabilities and updates published by software vendors. Users can get the latest version of the Update Services Engine from Nuvasec by providing a valid license.
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