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الرابطة هو manager.To حزمة ديبيان ترجمة هذا تحتاج بضعة أشياء : -- نظام بوسيكس العمل مع العمل بوسيكس دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي ، ز + + ، وجعل (جنو) ، ع ، ش ، awk والحوار الاقتصادي الاستراتيجي في جعل مسار جنو - 3.74 أو نحو ذلك ،

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apt is the Debian package manager.To compile this you need a couple things:- A working POSIX system with working POSIX gcc, g++, make (GNU), ar, sh, awk and sed in the path- GNU Make 3.74 or so, -- normal UNIX make will NOT work* Note 3.77 is broken. - A working ANSI C++ compiler, this is not g++ 2.7.* g++ 2.8 works OK and newer egcs work well also. Nobody has tried it on other compilers :< You will need a properly working STL as well.- A C library with the usual POSIX functions and a BSD socket layer. If you OS conforms to the Single Unix Spec then you are fine: http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/7908799/index.html - Refer to the Build-Depends information in debian/control for additional requirements (some of which are Debian-specific)NOTICEThe C++ global constructors do not link correctly when using non-shared libaries. This is probably the correct behavior of the linker, but I have not yet had time to devise a work around for it. The correct thing to do is add a reference to debSystem in apt-pkg/init.cc, assert(&debSystem == 0) would be fine for instance.

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