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REFOG الشخصي مونيتور هو حل معقد المحلية والبعيدة عن رصد الحاسوب من activities.You يستطيع المستخدم استخدام الشخصي REFOG مرصد لمراقبة أطفالك الدردشة على شبكة الإنترنت ، ومراقبة أنشطة الموظفين من أي جزء من أجزاء واسعة world.Its الوظيفة

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REFOG Personal Monitor is a complex solution for local and remote computer monitoring of user activities.You can use REFOG Personal Monitor to watch over your children chatting on the net, and control the activities of employees from any part of the world.Its wide functionality is equally fit for professional and private use. Even with scores of office desktops, it's easy to know what people do during their work hours. REFOG Personal Monitor integrates several tools to ensure thorough monitoring of computer systems.It keeps track of every word or keystroke command entered by a user. It also monitors the Clipboard and records all pasted items. The program logs active applications and window captions.Every entry in the log has a time stamp so that you can trace user activity minute by minute. REFOG Personal Monitor is your trusted sentinel in any computer system.As well as local activities, REFOG Personal Monitor also records the use of the global network.The list of visited sites and pages, supported with key logs, time stamps and screenshots, tells you in full what was being done on the web. Should any wrongdoing occur, screenshots will supply undeniable evidence which can reinforce your argument.However, the most distinguishing feature of REFOG Personal Monitor is the alarm system that triggers on keywords.You can program it to notify you by e-mail every time the keyword was used. For example, words like 'sex', 'porn' or 'booze' can tell you that your child is up to mischief. Another possible use of the system is to exclude rude language from work communications. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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