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  • Whats up ! for iOS

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    From Santhosh Subramanian: Among Top #10 free Lifestyle App on Play StoreWanna Bounce Back?Wanna Set Goals?Wanna Drop Anger?Wanna Be Awesome?and Wanna Be more than what you are now.. Here is your perfect app of inspiration and self-development.Whenever you are feeling low, whenever you wanna pick yourself up and get going, whenever you wanna inspire yourself, when ever you need a guidance, open up 'what's up' and search for your topic. Read through and assimilate the thoughts given.It has inspired me. It has motivated me. So I guarantee you that it will inspire you too.The posts are primarily written by THE IDEA MONK. You can also find posts by Leo Babauta from www.zenhabits.in (Zen Habits is one of the most popular blog on self-development, with over 25000 followers. One of the inspiration behind THE IDEA MONK) I thank him for making his writing copyright free. (http://zenhabits.net/open-source-blogging-feel-free-to-steal-my-content/). And blogs from Infinite inspirations.If you are interested in contributing your thoughts please submit them in the www.theideamonk.com website. It will be published with due credits to you.Thank you for installing this app. I wish you grow intellectually and spiritually and continue to inspire yourself and others around.Cheers!LoveTHE IDEA MONK What's new in this version: Added - The Idea Monk discussion pageIncreased article preview areaFixed few critical bugs
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    Whats up !  for iOS

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      Sabit Esto

      التلفون كان تابع لسخص اخر ولدية بريدة الالكتروني مشترك كل لما ادخل بريدي يظهر بريدة مما اضطر لترك المواصلة

    2. 2

      السلام عليكم

    3. 3
      ابو شهد وعمرو


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      أسيره الحب

      ابي اعرف هل يتحمل الواتس اب للايباد بليز الرد بسرعه

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      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله انا حب الورد الاحمر ههههه

    6. 6
      lمحمد حمد


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      رائع جدا

    8. 8
      زهرة النرجس

      لايوجد تعليق

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    10. 10
      Manmoud Hariss

      جيد جدا

    11. 11

      ااغى احمل وتبناها

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