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"Soundboard يجعل بناء / المنفذة منبهات الصوت في المسرحية مبكرة."

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"Soundboard makes building/executing sound cues in theatrical productions a snap." Soundboard makes building/executing sound cues in theatrical productions a snap. With a mix of sound, fade, stop, pause, and resume cues, users can Create elegant sound cues out of a few basic elements, and execute them simply with the push of a button.Automatically generated index values keep track of your cues internally, but the name field in the editor allows you to assign your own names to keep track. Cues may be set to auto follow into the next cue, and an interval of seconds to wait before playing the cue may be specified to help with Precision timing of auto-follow sequences. Soundboard will calculate the duration of any media files selected for you, but you can easily edit the duration for fade sequences right in the cue table. Sound files may be easily added using a built in file browser, and targets for other cue types are assigned simply by typing the index number into the target column. Finally, adding notes to a cue, or adjusting the Playback volume, is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate controller and editing as desired.Soundboard is written in the Java programming language, and saves its cue files in XML, so it is maximally portable to any operating system capable of running Java 1.5. Soundboard is available as free software under the Artistic License (v 2.0).Features: * Create elegant designs using a Combination of simple cue types. * Supports popular audio formats, such as wav, mp3, and Ogg * Written in Java for true cross-platform compatibility * Simple to use, so you'll have a novice OperaTor running the show perfectly in no time. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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