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DBSight هو البحث عن النص الكامل للغاية للتخصيص منصة لdatabases.DBSight العلائقية هو منبر التي يمكنك إنشاء محرك بحث على أي قواعد البيانات العلائقية.

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DBSight is a highly customizable full-text search platform for relational databases.DBSight is a platform that you can create a search engine on any relational databases. DBSight is quick, feature-packed, easy to customize, and easy to integrate.Instead of weeks or even months to develop a full-text search for your data, if you know how to use DBSight, you can easily create the full-text search literally in minutes.And you can have several database searches available in one central page. They can be Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, or any JDBC supported databases.Easy to customizeCustomization is even simpler. You can choose a template to start with. You add you logo, change the layout, and add/remove components -- all by web UI. You can render the search results similar to Google or Yahoo style, but with more features, or render them like product catalog, or results that fit for mobile phones, or, if you prefer, directly jump to the most relevant match.Easy to integrateThe search results can be easily integrated with your web application. With the result template, you can send back the search results in HTML or XML you defined, in CSV (Comma Separated Values), or just a list of document IDs that you can process by yourself.
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