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CalDAV specification has been under development for a few years now, and at the same time we have seen increasing pressure from people and organisations in the open source world to provide a solution to their shared calendaring problems.In evaluating the possibilities for shared calendaring, there are a number of possible approaches, but we have elected to follow the path of implementing CalDAV because we believe it is a good specification and that it will in due course gain client implementations and provide the richest user experience through those client implementations.GoalsCalDAV is a client-server protocol specific to managing and reporting on collections of calendar resources.As such, our intentions in developing this application are as follows:Simplicity of PrerequisitesWe have chosen to write this in PHP because we believe that PHP is a widely available web scripting language.We have chosen to use the Apache web server because it is also widely available. This is not necessarily a requirement, but no testing has been undertaken in other PHP environments to date.We have chosen to use the PostgreSQL database, because it is a free, open-source database, which operates on a very wide set of operating environments, and which is fully ACID compliant.Simplicity of SetupFor the greatest ease use you should consider installing RSCDS on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution from the readily available, signed packages.We expect to increase the level of automation and simplicity for the Debian target release in particular, although other distributions might also become easier at the same time. We do expect slightly greater installation complexity in the first few releases as we come to understand the particular problems people experience.Simplicity of OperationIn general RSCDS should not need significant maintenance to keep it operating.Administrative functionality will be kept as simple as possible, within the target of supporting organisations of up to several hundred staff.This is called a Store rather than a Server because the server-side smarts are intended to be minimised to support CalDAV only in a manner sufficient to inter-operate with clients, and with the focus primarily on the storage of calendar resources.Web-based AdministrationGeneral administration of the system should be through a web-based application.Calendars will not be made available in a web-based view in initial releases. It is unlikely that calendars will ever be maintainable through a web-based client, although the server should support the use of web-based client software which works using the CalDAV protocol. Requirements:

· PostgreSQL
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· This is a significant new release, adding initial support for the draft vCard Extensions to WebDAV (CardDAV).
· Other changes update the WebDAV Sync support to draft version -03 and add support for handling /.well-known/caldav and /.well-known/carddav URLs per RFC5785.
· The release also includes many bugfixes, updated translations, and better resiliency for clients which don't adhere strictly to the RFC, such as by not supplying a Content-type when they PUT a new or changed resource.
· UTF-8 handling is also improved.

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