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استراتيجية الأمن القومي ، بام - ldapd هو وحدة الخدمة وتبديل اسم القابلة للتوصيل وحدة مصادقة LDAP الخاص الذي يسمح ملقم لتوفير حساب المستخدم ، المجموعة ، اسم المضيف ، اسم مستعار ، netgroup ، وأساسا أي معلومات أخرى ستحصل عليه عادة من ملفات / طابق أو الخ

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nss-pam-ldapd is a Name Service Switch module and Pluggable Authentication module that allows your LDAP server to provide user account, group, host name, alias, netgroup, and basically any other information that you would normally get from /etc flat files or NIS. It also alows you to do authentication to an LDAP server.The NSS module is a fork from the nss_ldap package by PADL Software Pty Ltd.. This fork was done to implement some structural design changes. These changes were needed because there are some issues with the original design. See the documentation section for more details. The biggest advantages of nss-pam-ldapd are:* lighter NSS library* lighter PAM library* simpler internal semantics* clear separation between NSS, PAM and LDAP code (the server part could easily be implemented in another language)* less connections to the LDAP serverWith the fork a major code overhaul was done resulting in a number of simplifications and removal of old compatibility code. Compatibility will be re-added with later releases for those platforms that need it. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· This version fixes a bug that prevented fail-over to the second LDAP server in certain circumstances.

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