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"The stroboscopic tuning is the most accurate music instrument tuning." BSEditor: The stroboscopic tuning is the most accurate music instrument tuning with the Precision of 0.1 cents. In contrast to common chromatic tuners, the stroboscopic effect works in a time domain, therefore the response is instant and the tuning accuracy is more than 10x higher.Key features * PC software Strobe Tuner for Microsoft Windows platform * Fast and accurate tuning (0.1 cents) * Great sensitivity * Perfect for studio recording * Necessary for setting the intonation of your guitar * Strobe effect = visualization of what people with perfect pitch hear * If the pattern rotates left, the note is flat. If it rotates right, the note is sharp. If it is stationary, you are in tune. * Even if you have perfect pitch, the strobe tuner will make your life way easier when tuning in noisy environments (with guitar Pickup or clip)NEW! Built-in and user-defined presets * Piano stretch tunings, Open String tunings * Create your own tunings easily * User-defined skins * Let's e-mail us your interesting presets and skins - we will put them on this website so other users can download them.
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