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SQLObject هو كائن علائقي شعبية مدير لتوفير واجهة الكائن إلى قاعدة البيانات الخاصة بك ، مع الصفوف والحالات ، الجداول والصفوف والأعمدة كما attributes.SQLObject يتضمن لغة الاستعلام بيثون وجوه القائمة على أن يجعل من مزود أكثر تجريدا ، ويوفر قاعدة بيانات كبيرة الاستقلال

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SQLObject is a popular Object Relational Manager for providing an object interface to your database, with rows as instances, tables as classes and columns as attributes.SQLObject includes a Python-object-based query language that makes SQL more abstract, and provides substantial database independence for applications.ExampleExamples are good. Examples give a feel for the aesthetic of the API, which matters to me a great deal. This is just a snippet that creates a simple class that wraps a table:>>> from sqlobject import *>>>>>> sqlhub.processConnection = connectionForURI('sqlite:/:memory:')>>>>>> class Person(SQLObject):... fname = StringCol()... mi = StringCol(length=1, default=None)... lname = StringCol()...>>> Person.createTable()SQLObject supports most database schemas that you already have, and can also issue the CREATE statement for you (seen in Person.createTable()).Here's how you'd use the object:>>> p = Person(fname="John", lname="Doe")>>> p>>> p.fname'John'>>> p.mi = 'Q'>>> p2 = Person.get(1)>>> p2>>> p is p2True What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Bugfixes ported from SQLObject 0.11.4.

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