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0MQ هو الرسائل خفيفة kernel.Getting اثنين تطبيقات الحديث هو دائما تحديا.

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0MQ is a lightweight messaging kernel.Getting two apps to talk is always a challenge. They have to agree on what the data looks like. And what it means. They have to agree on how the data is organized into a message. XML, binary, or something else? They have to agree how to speak to each other. They have to agree on security. They have to agree how to connect, across what networks. They need to queue messages that can't be delivered immediately. They need to detect and handle errors properly.Many apps try to solve these problems from scratch. But you can also buy big, expensive, slow packages called "messaging systems" that handle a lot of these jobs for you. Some of these systems even agree on standard protocols like AMQP. Using a messaging system usually costs a lot but it gives you the power to bring apps together.Messaging used to be for big wealthy firms only, and the really fast messaging systems are still very expensive. This situation is changing.
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