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"To view up to two audio waveforms in either the time or frequency domain." BS Editor: SpectraScope is a simple Windows interface program allowing your computer to view up to two audio waveforms in either the time or Frequency domain. The program is a Windows soft panel operating as a dual channel oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. The useful frequency of operation is 20 to 10,000 Hz in the time domain and 20 to 20,000 Hz in the frequency domain. The program uses the computer sound card to Capture the audio input.SpectraScope Features: 1. Simultaneous two channel operation 2. Separate gain and offset controls for each channel 3. Time or frequency domain measurements 4. Channel Add mode 5. Channel XY mode (allows display of Lissajous patterns) 6. Multiple triggering options 7. Single sweep capability 8. Display hold 9. Dual vertical markers for Waveform time measurements 10. File save of the form or graphic screen 11. Trace and background color selections 12. All menu selections and most of control settings are saved in a Configuration file.
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