Illustrated Keylogger

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  • مرات التنزيل: 240
  • متطلبات التشغيل: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98
  • الحجم: 42KB
  • الترخيص: Shareware $34.00
  • الاصدار : Illustrated
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  • اخر تحديث: 20/12/2010
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"Illustrated Keylogger shows you screenshots, Emails, MSN, AOL, passwords!" Edit By BS Editor: Illustrated Keylogger shows you screenshots, Emails, MSN, AOL, passwords!"Illustrated Keylogger"is the most comfortable, light and easy-to-use keylogger. With"Illustrated Keylogger"you will get the full control on your computer. You will now know what game your son is playing, who with and about what does your wife talk on the Internet, what do your friends think about you. This program was made maximally comfortable for our users. So you won't stay not knowing information on what are other people doing on your computer. The logfile shows the date, the text that other people were typing, and the clipboard text. All of this 'characteristics' are specially highlighted, what makes easy our user to understand what other people were doing on his computer. Illustrated Keylogger also makes screenshots every 2 minutes when somebody is using your computer. If he went to drink some coffee, or just isn't using the computer,"Illustrated Keylogger"program will not make screenshots on the computer, so not to fill much space. Illustrated Keylogger's interface is very simple to use, and the progress bar will show you how much screenshots have been taken. Illustrated Keylogger can also Capture Active Window text, clipboard text and text typed in all popular instant messengers including MSN, ICQ, and other."Illustrated Keylogger"program runs on the installed computer, fully hidden from its users. When you need to delete the log,"Illustrated Keylogger"will erase every track of this log file, including the registry data."Illustrated Keylogger"runs on almost all Windows platforms(95;98;ME;2000;XP;2003;Vista;7...). It can also run in user mode. The logs are written on a folder, where other people can not get."Illustrated Keylogger"writes any kind of symbols (Arabian letters, Greek letters, Hebrew letters, Cyrillic letters, Chinese symbols, Japanese symbols etc)."Illustrated Keylogger"program also writes keys like Window-key, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Backspace, Enter and other. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
صور Illustrated Keylogger
Illustrated Keylogger

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