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"مشيرا إلى أن يوفر أداة لمسة انسانية ودية على أي عرض".

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"Pointing tool that provides a human and friendly touch to any presentation." BSEditor: HandPOINTERS is a professional pointing tool that will impress your audiences. You will increase people's attention and Interest by providing a unique human touch to your presentations, conferences and Multimedia classes in general. You can easily choose and change the color of the"Halo of attention"and"Precision point"in real time. You can also rotate the hand pointer direction over 360 degrees, and toggle the pointer side (right-left) just by double clicking the left mouse button on the hand image.HANDPOINTERS' Main Features:Choice of Colors: In order to change the color of the"halo of attention"and"precision point", just click the appropriate color button on the software interface.Movement and Rotation of the Pointers:You can change the position of the pointer by clicking on the hand and moving it across the screen (click and drag movement). Simply click and hold down the left mouse button on the hand image and drag the hand image to the desired location. When the desired position of the marker is achieved, just release the left mouse button.In order to rotate HandPOINTERS you can use the mouse wheel ("scroll"). You can rotate the pointer both clockwise and Counterclockwise depending on what direction you rotate the mouse wheel ("scroll").To quickly change the side of the hand image, simply double click the left mouse button on the hand image. The hand will point to the opposite side.
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HandPOINTERS Personal Edition

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