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"Provide a username and passphrase." Edit By BS Editor: Have you ever needed to provide a username and PassPhrase, but you didn't have it with you? Do you store your authentication credentials on a unprotected thumb drive, or worse, on a piece of paper? Would you like *secure* access to your data from an untrusted computer, or even a public computer, without having administrator access and without having to install an application? With complete interop Between Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris? Could you use an application with the ability to 1) encrypt several large (terabyte) files simultaneously, or 2) recursively encrypt *all* the files in a directory tree; in either case, writing the encrypted bits to disk *or* tape using a very small memory footprint? Many of us need anywhere/anytime access to our"private"data. More importantly we need to ensure that the access is secure and our data remains private. Thus, the goal of this application is to deliver an easy and intuitive tool to provide secure anywhere/anytime access to private data, therby providing the ability to carry sensitive information (account numbers, login credentials, etc.) on a thumb drive without worrying that the data will be compromised should the thumb drive be lost or stolen. In addition, this application can also encrypt any existing files, keeping them protected as well. Briefly, here's how it works: PDS provides a multi-window editor for your files. To open a file, Select It and provide the passphrase. Files can be opened in read-only (view) mode or read-write (edit) mode. The encryption key protecting your data is kept a KeyStore, and both the key and the keystore are protected by passphrases. Without the correct credentials, the key remains secured and your data cannot be decrypted. In addition to the ability to securely view and edit PDS files, this application also provides the ability to Encrypt and Decrypt existing files and directories. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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Professional Data Security (PDS)

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