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استخدام البرامج التي تم تنزيلها من موقعنا يجب أن يكون وفقاً للقوانين في بلدك.لا نوصي باستخدام برامج تنتهك القوانين في بلدك.،اذا كنت تري ان هذا المحتوي لا يتوافق مع حقوق الملكية الفكرية برجاء ابلاغنا بالضغط هنا


"Snipeslider is a revolutionary product, utilizing a unique approach to Internet." EditByBSEditor: The Snipeslider Internet utilization concept is based upon the assumption that there should be a clear distinction Between two modes of computing, those of the parents and those of children. Building on this assumption, Snipeslider creates a barrier between “parentsâ€‌ mode and “childrenâ€‌ mode.Snipeslider is a revolutionary product, utilizing a unique approach to Internet and computers security. The solution combines both hardware (USB-key) and software.The Snipeslider concept Simply stated, by inserting the key, the computer is put in adult mode and is fully functional. By taking the key out, the computer automatically goes in to “child safe modeâ€‌ and will allow the computer user to browse only to the websites that have been O.K.ed by the holder of the key. The SnipeSlider browser is another part of the Snipeslider solution,it is amazing browser especially designed for your kids.This browser includes a large and colorful interface with a Slider at the top of the page (Instead of a search Box that exist in all other browsers) that shows your children only permitted websites for safe surfing. Hence the name “Snipesliderآ©â€‌.A lot of effort and thought were put in to this product with the clear aim of making it as simple to use as possible: If the Snipeslider key is in, then the “parentsâ€‌ mode is on, the Snipeslider key is out then the “childrenâ€‌ mode is on – it’s that simple only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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