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"Audio Editor for professionals and home users to edit a song the way you want." EditByBrothersoft: FlexiMusic Audio Editor is a professional and home user digital audio editor that can be used to play, edit, mix sounds/tracks, record, analyze sounds and apply various special effects such as Equalizer, Echo, Change Speed, Reverse effect, Fade Out/ Fade in audio, Remove Noise, Pop/Clicks removal, Stretch/Shrink, timing control recording features, work on single channel and etc. Audio can be recorded from cassettes, albums, radio, audio streaming from internet and digitally copied from audio CDs. Conversion Between different audio file formats, or between different sound quality levels.Features: * User Interface for working with multiple files in one session. * Huge file editing. Audio files upto 2GB (2048mb) size (for a 16 bit file). * Open, Create, and save audio files in different audio formats. * Play audio files or any part of the files (Play, Pause, Stop, Mix, Play Reverse and more...) * Quick editing: Cut, Copy, Delete, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste Mix and Undo gets only a fraction of a second, in any case of file size. * Split one wave file into several separate wave files * It allows you to work on a single channel in a stereo file. * Display audio data waveform (Zoom Mouse Select, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom In/Out). * Numerous undo levels. * Record audio data from a microphone or any other available input device. * Record and edit audio for telephone systems. * Use Bookmarks to view the selected part or specific part of the audio files. * Various effects such as Equalizer, Band Pass/Stop Filter, Noise Reduction, Echo, Reverb, Modulate, Stretch/Shrink, Change Speed... * Supported file formats WAV, MP3, WMA, AU, RAW, SND and more. * Convert audio files from one format to another. * Add noise or silence between an audio file, and generate a simple Sine Wave. * Direct waveform editing with the mouse. * Convert the sampling rate of audio files. * Etc.
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FlexiMusic Audio Editor

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