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DirSync Pro is a directory synchronizer. It takes two arguments: the source directory and the destination directory.It recursively makes the two directories identical. DirSync Pro can be used to make an incremental copy of large data. For example, if your file server is in the /data you can make a copy in /backup with the command dirsync /data /backup.The first time, all data will be copied, but when you issue the command again, only the changed files are copied. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· "DirSync Pro has got a powerful Schedule Engine which lets you schedule synchronization tasks on many different ways, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Advanced users may use many options available in DirSync Pro to suit the synchronization behavior in details. A synchronization queue is added which lets you monitor the schedule engine activities.
· "You can now access the recently open documents right from the menu.
· "DirSync Pro can now auto-load the last opened document if you wish to.
· "DirSync Pro generates now command line exit codes which may be parsed for post processing. (0= Finished with No Errors, 1=Finished with Warnings or Non-fatal Errors, 2=Stopped due to fatal errors).
· "DirSync Pro is now able to create three types of logfiles: 1) Job specific log file which contain the events of a job, 2) Jobset log file which contain the events of all the jobs within the jobset, 3) Program log file which contain the events of all jobsets.
· "You may let DirSync Pro now to automatically create a command line for your sync job to run in a batch and you may even save it to a batch file (MS Windows: .cmd, Linux-like: .sh).
· "New option to ignore daylight saving granularity which could be useful when synchronizing between FAT and other file systems around the daylight saving period.
· "New option to synchronize directory timestamps, relevant for MS Windows.
· "New option to keep the sync queue after the synchronization so that it can be run again. This might help in case some items are not synchronized because of file system errors.
· "DirSync Pro can now be minimized to the system tray.

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