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"Assists in the performance analysis and optimization of software applications ." BSEditor: Intel® Software Tuning Agent (Intel® STA) is a Java program that assists in the performance analysis and optimization of software applications written for Intel® Architecture. It is provided free of charge as open source software.Intel® STA assists in the micro-architectural tuning of software applications by identifying and prioritizing performance events by order of their contribution to Execution cycles. The tool also helps locate the functions where the most potential performance improvement due to stall events exists.Intel® STA is based upon research initially sponsored by Intel’s Software and Services Group starting in 2006. This research studied the application of Machine Learning (Statistical Inference) to the micro-architecture performance of workloads. The results of the work showed that regression methods can be applied to PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit) data from workloads to infer accurate, interpretable performance models.In particular it was demonstrated that the M5’ Algorithm can infer a model of performance that can be used to estimate and rank the cycle contributions of performance events. These ranked contributions can be used to direct the performance tuning effort.M5’ allows the tool to produce a number of tables and Diagrams that explain the Impact of different performance events on cycles-per-instruction (CPI). These give the performance analyst insight into the behavior of a workload on a particular micro-architecture. Below are two examples of the tool’s output.The first figure is an example of Intel® STA’s Summary panel. This panel displays a pie chart and a table of event contributions for the workload. The first column of the table displays the abbreviated event name. The second column displays the percentage of clock cycles for the workload attributable to the corresponding event. The third column gives the full event name for the particular event. These values are estimates.

Intel® Software Tuning Agent