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apt-dater provides a ncurses frontend to manage package updats on a large number of remote hosts using SSH. At the moment on the client site are only Debian based hosts running apt are supported.Pre-configuration on your management server: Copy and modify the apt-dater.conf: cp conf/apt-dater.conf.example $HOME/.config/apt-dater/apt-dater.conf Copy and modify the hosts.conf: cp conf/hosts.conf.example $HOME/.config/apt-dater/hosts.conf Copy and modify the screenrc: cp conf/screenrc.example $HOME/.config/apt-dater/screenrcManaged hosts by apt-dater: You need a SSH server and sudo installed. Create a user which will be used to install updates (using root is NOT recommended). Modify the /etc/sudoers: Defaults env_reset,env_keep=MAINTAINER the-user ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/apt-get, /usr/bin/aptitude Management server: Create a user on your management server which perform updates on your Debian hosts. Generate a SSH keypair: ssh-keygen -t TYPE Distribute the public key(s) e.g.: ssh-copy-id .ssh/your-public-key managed-host What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Parameters on 'apt-dater-host install' must not be interpreted by the shell, thanks to Henri Salo.
· Remove obsolete DefaultUser/DefaultPort lines from conf/apt-dater.conf.example.(Closes SF Bug#2946417 by Mathieu PARENT)
· Handle fwrite return values in keyfiles.c.
· Add apt-dater-host zypper version (using zypper in rug compatibility mode).
· (Contributed by Chris Liles)
· Detect screen's socket path during configure.(Closes SF Bug#2950721 by Chris Liles)
· Add .spec files for rpm packaging.
· Add '-o Aptitude::Delete-Unused=false' to aptitude safe-upgrade calls. Contributed by Patrick Matthأƒآ¤i)

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