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Zorin OS is a Linux operating system, just like Mac or Windows.Zorin OS 4 Business provides all the tools needed to start and maintain a small/medium sized business out of the box. In here you will find a wealth of software waiting for you including accounting, bookkeeping, stock analysis, database, retail, word processing, spreadsheet and much more. With Zorin OS 4 Business you are sure to save time and money. Zorin OS 4 Business is a new addition to our Premium releases.Zorin OS is built on the Linux architecture so it is completely open source, which means that anyone can modify anything in the operating system to suit their liking. Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu Linux which is the most popular Linux operating system in the world. But Zorin OS is different, Ubuntu is quite hard to use for Windows users. However, Zorin OS is the solution to that problem, it makes it easy to use for current Windows users. But that's not it, as well as being open source it is also:* Safer than Windows, all the Linux distributions have nearly no risk of getting malware* Faster than Windows, its tested to be more than twice as fast as Windows Vista (with the effects on)* More customizable than Windows* Built with the help of the community, so even you can contribute to the Zorin OS project! (See the Forums page)* More advanced as new releases take place 6 months after previous ones* And best of all, its free!You also don't need to worry about Windows because you can choose to have Zorin OS installed alongside Windows (see the installation page in the Forums for more details) which also means that you that can boot up Windows instead of Zorin OS. Furthermore, you can also access all your Windows files on Zorin OS with the file browser. You can even run your Windows programs on Zorin OS using a program called WINE. Also you needn't worry about support for Zorin OS as Canonical (the people who make and support Ubuntu) will support it, as Zorin OS works in the same way as Ubuntu Linux as it is based on it.

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