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Foresight Linux OS is a Distribution which showcases some of the latest and greatest from GNOME. Some of the things that may not be mature enough for some of the other distros. Some of the more innovative things are included, like beagle, f-spot, howl, and the latest hal. All of this plus some nice, clean default themes and artwork.Foresight Linux is built using the conary package management system. Conary is a way of managing software using a loosely knit group of network repositories. There are tools included to make it very simple to install and update packages.There are four basic operations involved in package management; querying, installing, upgrading, removing.QueryingThere are two type of searches you can do, local and remote. A local search queries localling installed software. A remote search queries network repositories for available software. Here are some examples:To see what version of firefox you have installed, you run the conary command with the "q" argument as well as the package name "firefox" foresight$ conary q firefox firefox 1.0-2-1 This shows that firefox 1.0 build 3 is installed.To see what versions of firefox are available, you run the conary command with the "rq" argument as well as the package name "firefox" foresight$ conary rq firefox firefox 1.0-3-1 This shows that firefox 1.0 build 3 is available. In this example, there is a newer version, so it can be upgradedInstalling/UpgradingInstalling and upgrading is basically the same operation, conary with the argument "update". To upgrade or install firefox: foresight$ conary update firefox foresight$ Note: There will be no feedback on success, so if you just get returned to a prompt without an error it was successful. Some of these operations could take a while, so be assured if you don't see an error that things are working. Remember, these packages are being downloaded over the internet prior to installation.RemovingTo remove a package, conary with the argument "erase". To remove firefox: foresight$ conary erase firefox foresight$ Note: As with update, there will be no feedback on success.For more information of how conary works, see the Conary Wiki. This is more of a developer reference, but has lots of good information.Checking for out of date packagesThere is a handy utility called "yuck" which compares your versions of packages to those available from the repository." Yuck can also update those packages (requires root), the default behavior is to simply display. foresight$ yuck This will display a list of available updates. foresight# yuck --update --except kernel This will update everything that is out of date with the exception of the kernel. You can specifiy a comma separated list of exceptions (no spaces). I would recommend always excluding the kernel and update that individually with "conary update --keep-existing kernel".This will also make it install a new kernel and leave the old one... so you system is still bootable if things aren't right. From time to time you can remove the unused kernel with "conary erase kernel=[version]". only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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