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JStock is a Java application that helps you to obtain stock market information, and provide investment tools to help you make smart investment decision. It's freely available under the GPL.Currently, there are 11 stock markets being supported.* Denmark* France* Germany* Italy* Malaysia* Norway* Singapore* Spain* Sweden* United Kingdom* United StateFor every stock market, you will be able to monitor the stock movement. Currently, JStock is grabbing public data from Yahoo! Finance. There are delay times in public data as listed in http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/sd/. In the future, hopefully Stock Data Providers are kind enough to sponsor real-time data to JStock. Luckily, JStock back-end data grabbing server is highly modularized. This means any new Data Providers shall be able to integrate easily into JStock.In order to help you filter out the stocks which meet your stock selection criteria. For example, you wish to find out all stocks with their last price lesser than 30 days average price. You do not need to learn any programming in order to specific your stock filtering rule. JStock comes with an easy to use drag-and-drop graphics block.If any of the stock meet your selection criteria, you will able to receive your stock alert either through system tray message or email (Currently, only Google GMail supported).JStock keeps you awake when a particular stock reaches its selling point or buying point. Buying low and selling high in the right timing, will help you to obtain good returns from the stock market.JStock also helps you to manage your portfolio, by calculating your current net worth, recording your buy and sell record, providing charting on your net profit and net loss...JStock provides chit-chat feature among JStock users. JStock users may chat on the hottest market news, in an easy and fun way. Requirements:

· Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· This version has a currency exchange rate feature.
· It can display stock wealth in your local currency.
· It fixes incorrect behavior and appearance of language buttons.
· It has better usability in the auto-complete combo box by displaying a busy indicator in both the indicator editor and buy dialog box.
· It has better usability in the buy dialog box by making sure the first character of a stock symbol is always displayed.
· It avoids duplicated custom TA for CCI, RSI, and MFI.

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