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Mercurial and Git are the latest in powerful, distributed version control; but do you wish they were easier to use on your Mac?SourceTree gives you a common interface to both Mercurial and Git, the most popular distributed version control systems today, so you don't need two tools.SourceTree is also able to expose the unique features of each system in a user friendly manner.SourceTree includes everything you need to start using Mercurial and Git right away; there is nothing else to install or configure. Just drag & drop SourceTree from the download image on to your Mac, and you're all set!  Here are some key features of "SourceTree":

· Mercurial and Git support in one application - It’s common these days to come across projects that choose different version control systems, so SourceTree lets you work with both Mercurial and Git repositories without changing application. The core interface is the same for both, but support has been tailored so that the behaviour (and terminology) is consistent with the unique features and abilities of each.
· Automatic refresh - With SourceTree, you don’t need to hit â€?refresh’ to see the latest changes; SourceTree monitors your working folders and automatically displays changes immediately.
· Bookmarks with status summary - You can bookmark frequently used working folders and see at a glance what their status is, even before you open them.
· Advanced File Status View - The file status view shows you the state of your project folder instantly, with a multitude of ways to explore and drill down on it. Choose from flat, tree and 3-column views, or use a search box which filters as you type to find what you need quickly. In Git, you have the choice to use the â€?staging area’ if you work that way, or hide it away if you prefer a simpler approach.
· History View - SourceTree’s history view shows you the graph of changes you’ve come to expect from a distributed version control system, showing branches, tags and an instant display of details and file changes as you navigate. It even shows you the effect of committing your current changes on the graph, so you can visualise what you’re doing more easily.
· External Diff and Merge Tools - SourceTree comes pre-configured to use FileMerge, Araxis Merge, DiffMerge or KDiff3 to display differences and resolve merge conflicts, and other tools can be used with some user configuration.
· Branch, Merge, Tag - SourceTree provides you a powerful but simple interface to dealing with multiple branches of development, and the tagging of specific versions.
· Collaborate Easily With Others - SourceTree includes all the functionality you need to collaborate with either closed teams or with a wider audience (such as open source); remote systems can be easily configured within SourceTree and changes exchanged with others in various forms.
· Patch processing - A common task especially in open source projects is to generate and consume patches. SourceTree gives you the tools to do that easily – it will even scan a patch file and figure out the parameters required to apply it, and what options are supported (e.g. importing a full commit or simply applying it to your working folder).
· Conflict Resolution - Mercurial and Git are very good at merging, but sometimes conflicts are unavoidable. SourceTree provides you with the tools you need to work through those cases, using external merge tools if desired.

· 21 days trial period. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Bug fixes:
· Improve the responsiveness of the push/pull counts when pushing from the commit & tag sheets
· Fix several problems with using Subversion with manual SSH logins (as opposed to https or using SSH keys)
· When looking up keychain items, always filter by protocol and don’t fall back on server-only items, since this can cause failures if passwords are different between services.
· Fix pull/push counts getting stuck on Mercurial when there is no remote called â€?default’. Now we use the sole remote if there is no â€?default’, or disable the counts if there are multiple remotes and none are called â€?default’
· Clear cached data when a bookmark is removed so that if it is re-added we correctly pick up the new settings.
· Spacebar to Quick Look now working on tree & column views as well as flat view
· Fix display of clean / untracked text files when text encoding is not UTF8
· Fix crash when rendering a branch annotation on the uncommitted changes line (only occurred in Mercurial when there was an u... only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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