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mdadm project is a tool for maintaining, creating, and monitoring Linux "md" device arrays, also known as Software RAID.These notes apply to 2.6 kernels only and, in some cases, to 2.6.15 or later.Md arrays can be assembled at boot time using the 'autodetect' functionalitywhich is triggered by storing components of an array in partitions of type'fd' - Linux Raid Autodetect.They can also be assembled by specifying the component devices in akernel parameter such as md=0,/dev/sda,/dev/sdbIn this case, /dev/md0 will be assembled (because of the 0) from the listeddevices.These mechanisms, while useful, do not provide complete functionalityand are unlikely to be extended. The preferred way to assemble md arrays at boot time is using 'mdadm' or 'mdassemble' (which is a trimmed-down mdadm).To assemble an array which contains the root filesystem, mdadm needs to be run before that filesystem is mounted, and so needs to be run from an initial-ram-fs. It is how this can work that is the primary focus of this document.It should be noted up front that only the array containing the rootfilesystem should be assembled from the initramfs. Any other arraysshould be assembled under the control of files on the main filesystemas this enhanced flexibility and maintainability.A minimal initramfs for assembling md arrays can be created using 3 files and one directory. These are:/bin Directory/bin/mdadm statically linked mdadm binary/bin/busybox statically linked busybox binary/bin/sh hard link to /bin/busybox/init a shell script which call mdadm appropriately.An example init script is:#!/bin/shecho 'Auto-assembling boot md array'mkdir /procmount -t proc proc /procif [ -n "$rootuuid" ]then arg=--uuid=$rootuuidelif [ -n "$mdminor" ]then arg=--super-minor=$mdminorelse arg=--super-minor=0fiecho "Using $arg"mdadm -Acpartitions $arg --auto=part /dev/mdacd /mount /dev/mda1 /root || mount /dev/mda /rootumount /proccd /rootexec chroot . /sbin/init < /dev/console > /dev/console 2>&1 What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Firstly there is the "policy" framework. This allows us to set policy for different devices based on where they are connected (e.g. which controller) so that e.g. when a device is hot-plugged it can immediately be made a hot-spare for an array without further operator intervention. It also allows broader controller of spare-migration between arrays. It is likely that more functionality will be added to this framework over time
· Secondly, the support for Intel Matrix Storage Manager (IMSM) arrays has been substantially enhanced. Spare migration is now possible as is level migration and OLCE (OnLine Capacity Expansion). This support is not quite complete yet and requires MDADM_EXPERIMENTAL=1 in the environment to ensure people only use it with care. In particular if you start a reshape in Linux and then shutdown and boot into Window, the Windows driver may not correctly restart the reshape. And vice-versa. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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