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FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system. Mostly achieved except Windows compatibility - Windows standard-mode works on FreeDOS, but 386-mode / WfW 3.11 does not.Here are some key features of "FreeDOS":· Easy multiboot with Win95-2003 and NT/XP/ME· FAT32 file system and large disk support (LBA)· LFN support (on command line with 4DOS, which is now freeware: 4DOS for OS/2 is even open source)· LBACACHE - disk cache (harddisks in CHS and LBA mode, diskette)· Memory Managers: HIMEM, EMM386, UMBPCI· SHSUCDX (MSCDEX replacement) and CD-ROM driver (XCDROM)· CUTEMOUSE - Mouse driver with scroll wheel support· FDAPM - APM info/control/suspend/poweroff, ACPI throttle, HLT energy saving...· XDMA - UDMA driver for DOS: up to 4 harddisks· MPXPLAY - media player for mp3, ogg, wmv... with built-in AC97 and SB16 drivers· 7ZIP, INFO-ZIP zip & unzip... - modern archivers are available for DOS· EDIT / SETEDIT - multi window text editors· HTMLHELP - help viewer, can read help directly from a zip file· PG - powerful text viewer (similar to V. D. Buerg's LIST) · many text mode programs ported from Linux thanks to DJGPP· GRAPHICS - greyscale hardcopy on ESC/P, HP PCL and PostScript printersFreeDOS was previously known as "Free-DOS" and originally as "PD-DOS." For a little trip down memory lane: In 1994, I was a physics student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Most of my work for school had been done using DOS - writing programs, dialing up to the university computer, network, analysing lab data, etc. I really loved DOS; I did everything with it. I had a '386 desktop system in my dorm room and an XT laptop that I would carry around with me to do work "on the go". What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· FreeDOS kernel 2040 (Bart Oldeman, Jeremy Davis and others. Should fix fat32 file corruption).
· mtcp (Michael Brutman), a suite of high-performance TCP/IP applications for any x86 computer.
· an initial attempt at USB controller support (Bret Johnson). So far only UHCI (Intel/Via USB1.1 12mbit/1.5mbit).
· new Syslinux features (see installation notes, below) including free CD-driver for non-emulation booted CD/ISO.
· generic PCI IDE cache/cdrom driver (Jack R. Ellis) including PIO/UDMA modes for (P)ATA/SATA harddisks and CD.
· new installation menu when starting from CD, intended to reduce amount of menus you have to respond to.
· universal BIOS backup program, see .
· updated memory drivers (HMA&XMS, UMB&EMS) with many thanks to Japheth, Jack, Michael Devore and Tom Ehlert
· 4DOS 8.00 command interpreter has been added, many thanks to Luchezar Georgiev for updating JPSOFT's code
· installation scripts have been streamlined.
· very limited USB flash disk support (often showing up as C: )
· many new versions of many programs. Features and fixes as usual.

· LBAcache, as UIDE now takes over read-ahead caching. Hopefully not only covers 586+ but also 386/486.
· CDRcache, as UIDE now takes over read-ahead caching. Hopefully not only covers 586+ but also 386/486.
· Unstable kernel 2039. Replaced by 2040. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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