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Onepoint Project is the first open source project & portfolio management application that integrates project and resource planning, progress tracking, monitoring and controlling into an easy-to-use solution.Onepoint Project represents a new class of Project Leadership Software solutions that does not require you to compromise between ease-of-use and functionality. In addition, Onepoint's different editions scale with your needs and the size of your business.Global competition, changing customer requirements and short development cycles make it increasingly harder for project-oriented companies to be permanently successful. Especially the management of time and resource critical development and deployment projects provides ever new challenges for the people in charge. For this, outdated or not integrated project management systems are either not capable of delivering decision relevant information, or at least not fast enough. Onepoint Project integrates project planning, project controlling, monitoring and reporting into a single, easy to use and open project leadership solution providing you with all relevant information when and where you need it.Reduced project risks through integrated solution and high usabilityMinimized project management effort via project templates and team orientationIncreased project transparency through ad-hoc monitoring, traffic light functions & plan-actual comparisonsSignificantly minimized costs via reduced risks and administration, but increased transparencyPlease note that all installation steps in this document assume that you are 
using Tomcat and MySQL under Windows XP/Vista/2003 Server. If you are using Linux or Mac OS X, or a different application server or database you will have to 
adjust the installation steps according to your environment.
IMPORTANT: If you encounter a warning message on the login screen stating that your 
Onepoint Project installation is running against a non-transactional database 
please be sure to read Appendix E and follow the database upgrading steps there 
before putting any more data into your project repository. Requirements:

· Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment
· MySQL 5.0.34 or later or PostgreSQL 8.3
· uitable JDBC driver for your chosen database
· Apache Tomcat 5.5/6
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Controlling Cycle Option now allows implementing project handbooks on basis of PMI and IPMA recommendations including standard project reports

· Onepoint Software, the leading vendor of easy-to-use enterprise project management (EPM) software, has released its newest version of Onepoint Project today. The focus of release 9.1 is on formal project management and controlling as defined by the PMI and IPMA standards. Onepoint was able to introduce all elements of formal project management and controlling without compromising on ease-of-use. As with earlier releases, the new version was created in close cooperation with many existing customers and partners from various industries including manufacturing, steel, banking and IT.

· Formal Project Management with Minimum Administrative Overhead

· Onepoint Project 9.1 combines Onepoint’s award-winning simple and practical approach to project management with functionality important for implementing a digital project handbook containing the four most popular standard reports in formal project management. Existing functionalities have been naturally extended in order to carefully preserve the well-received simplicity of its project management software family.

· In order to document the project team, the project resource pool was extended with formal project roles, function definitions and virtual teams. Project and activity meta-information now include a "Context" section that allows defining the greater project context as well as the formal start and closure of the project. Also, deliverables have been introduced on both the project and activity levels: a PM planning approach that is becoming increasingly popular in formal project management.

· Integrated Controlling and Reporting with the New Controlling Cycle Option

· A central aspect of Onepoint 9.1 is the 2nd generation of the Controlling Cycle Option that includes a totally redesigned "controlling sheet". The controlling sheet documents the project progress and includes traffic lights and comment fields across all common project-controlling dimensions such as quality, dates, resources and costs. It also allows the project manager to document the current situation and to provide a forecast on the progress of the project. Whenever the project manager submits a controlling sheet, all traffic lights in the multi-project overviews are automatically updated, thus providing upper management and the project steering committee with up-to-date progress information across all running projects.

· The new Controlling Cycle Option also introduces integrated, multi-section standard project reports including project order, work instruction, project progress and project closure reports. Each report can be created with one click directly from its "natural context", e.g., the project progress report is generated from the controlling sheet. All information used for creating the printable PDF reports is stored in the central project repository; no need anymore to spend many hours to create separate, manual reports using text processing software such as Microsoft Word.

· "Onepoint Project 9.1 will change the way how medium-sized project-driven organizations implement day-to-day enterprise project management", says Onepoint founder and CEO Gerald Aquila. "It was never easier to support formal project management and controlling with standard software. With our new Controlling Cycle Option you can set up central project controlling in days rather than months."

· Onepoint Project is commercial open source software that supports the complete project lifecycle. Onepoint's full strength shows in its ability to provide a fast and clear overview across all running projects including real-time snapshots on resource allocation and utilization. More information and free 60-day trial versions of Onepoint's commercial products can be found on Onepoint's entry-level "Group Edition" for one project manager and four project contributors is now available for only EUR 999 instead of EUR 1499 until the end of this year. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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