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Lips of Suna is an online dungeon crawl game with an action RPG-like gameplay.Lips of Suna is a tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawl game that takes place in the chaotic dungeons of Suna. The five intelligent races of the world descend to the dungeons with their goal to save the world from a conclusive disaster.In your journey to the depths of the dungeons, you will, among other things, have to fight creatures of different varieties, solve quests, explore new places, and craft custom items. Luckily you don't need to do all this alone since you can crawl the dungeons with your friends. Requirements:

· Bullet >= 2.77
· ENet
· Lua
· SQLite
· SDL_ttf
· OpenGL
· OpenAL
· Ogg Vorbis
· libogg
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New starting area with tutorial quests.
· New melee combat system with multiple attack moves.
· New NPC dialogue system.
· Worksafe graphics mode.
· More flexible character creation.
· Improved player model.
· Improved character physics.
· Improvements to existing quests and work on some new quests.
· Simple map screen and location discovery.
· Options for mouse inverting and disabling mouse smoothing.
· Better character animation when moving and attacking simultaneously.
· New books: Arura Research Diary, The Sealed Library.
· New items: halberd, spear, cure disease potion, etc.
· New spells: home, magic missile. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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