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collective.recipe.celery installs Celery and creates a module with the specified configuration options. It helps managing multiple configurations (e.g. development and production) using buildout.You can use it in a part like this:[celery]recipe = collective.recipe.celerybroker-transport = sqlakombu.transport.Transportbroker-host = sqlite:///celery_broker.dbresult-backend = databaseresult-dburi = sqlite:///celery_results.dbimports = myapp.taskseggs = kombu-sqlalchemy myappSupported optionsGeneral optionseggs A list of additional eggs you want to make available to Celery. Use this to add additional dependencies such as kombu-sqlalchemy or the module(s) containing your task definitions.scripts Controls which scripts are generated. If the option is omitted, then all scripts will be generated. If no value is given, then script generation is disabled.config-path The location of the directory containing the module. By default the config module is created in the part directory. You can use this in other parts to include the config module: [celery] recipe = collective.recipe.celery [myapp] recipe = zc.recipe.egg eggs = myapp extra-paths = ${celery:config-path}Celery optionsThe following configuration options are supported. See Celery documentation for more The Kombu transport to use. You can use a custom transport class name, or select one of the built-in transports: amqplib, pika, redis, beanstalk, sqlalchemy, django, mongodb, The hostname of the The port number of the The username to connect The password to connect The virtual host.result-backend The backend used to store task results. Can be one of database, cache, mongodb, redis, tyrant or amqp.result-dburi Connection string for the database result backend.imports A list of modules to import when the celery daemon starts. Specify one module per line.celeryd-log-file The filename where the celery daemon logs messages to.celeryd-log-level The log level, can be one of DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR or CRITICAL.celeryd-concurrency The number of concurrent worker processes/threads/green threads, executing tasks.additional-config Any additional configuration directives can be added using the additional-config option. Example: additional-config = CELERY_TASK_PUBLISH_RETRY=True CELERY_TASK_PUBLISH_RETRY_POLICY={"max_retries": 2, "interval_start": 10, "interval_step": 0, "interval_max": 10} Requirements:

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