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uTorrent is definitely the undisputed king of the Bittorrent client world, with millions of people worldwide using it on a daily basis. In fact, uTorrent is so powerful that it actually deserves to be used by so many people, boasting all features you’d expect to find in such a tool. Not to mention the fact that its popularity has made it the number one application for many trackers out there, which means that in order to benefit from all the great things Bittorrent has to offer, you should really use uTorrent.But, what’s so special about uTorrent?First of all, it’s so easy to install that even your kid could do it. Unfortunately, uTorrent is marked as ad-supported on Softpedia because the installer also comprises some tools that attempt to attempt to change both the homepage and the default search engine of your browsers. Plus, it tries to convince the user to install uTorrent Browser Bar, a toolbar that the application doesn’t need to work properly.Leaving these things aside, uTorrent will greet you with a very nice and simple interface, designed to provide you quick access to its main functions. Thus, you’ll be able to start new downloads, pause, stop or delete the existing ones, or manage the files you’ve already downloaded straight from the main window. In addition, you can also find new content to download using a powerful search function.The RSS capability is another great feature of uTorrent as it allows the user to subscribe to selected feeds for auto-downloading files. If that’s not enough, uTorrent also comes with a configurable bandwidth scheduler, speed limiters and multi-language support to make sure you’ll be able to use it in every corner of the world.But the most impressive thing at uTorrent is definitely the way it manages to handle downloads without slowing down Windows in an aggressive manner. And if that doesn’t convince you to give uTorrent a chance, you should probably find out that it’s also able to download the selected content when you’re away from the computer, as it comprises a special function for pausing the torrents when user activity is detected.Conclusions? Just a single one: use it. You won’t find a tool better than this one and you will definitely be satisfied with the way it works.
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µTorrent 3.1.2 Build 26696 Beta / 3.1 Build 26671 (Ad-supported)