NetSetMan 3.4.1 (Freeware)

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We're pretty sure that using the same laptop in multiple places, be they at home, at friends or simply at work, is a nightmare, especially due to the network settings which have to be changed every time you plug in the network cable.NetSetMan comes to make your life a bit easier in this regard, offering a very easy to use interface that basically allows six different sets of network settings.In other words, once your network settings are saved, it's enough to pick the ones you need and hit the apply button. No need to write them down again, NetSetMan does the whole job for you.The application comes with a quite straightforward interface, so you just have to enter network settings, including IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS and WINS servers and then save your settings. Additionally, it also supports WiFi, printers, workgroups, PC names and DNS domain settings.Every profile can be renamed according to the network you'll connect to, so it's easy to keep everything organized within the app.Plus, NetSetMan also comes with dedicated tools to export and import the settings, which means you'll stay on the safe side all the time, in case something breaks down or you update the app or the operating system.Everything worked like a charm during our test and it would be a waste of time mentioning that NetSetMan works on virtually all Windows versions out there without hampering computer performance at all.It's able to deal with multiple network adapters at the same time, so it's pretty obvious that we're dealing here with a comprehensive tool that can serve its purpose the right way.All in all, NetSetMan is a must have for all those users who travel a lot and connect to various networks on a regular basis. And the freeware license definitely makes it a five-star product.
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