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pynotify2 is a pure-python replacement for notify-python, using python-dbus to communicate with the notifications server directly. It's compatible with Python 2 and 3, and its callbacks can work with Gtk 3 or Qt 4 applications.To use it, first call notify2.init('app name'), then create and show notifications:n = notify2.Notification("Summary", "Some body text", "notification-message-im" # Icon name ) see more of what's possible, refer to docstrings of methods and objects.Based on the notifications spec at: applications from pynotifyThere are a few differences from pynotify you should be aware of:- If you need callbacks from notifications, notify2 must know about your event loop. The simplest way is to pass 'glib' or 'qt' as the mainloop parameter to init.- The methods attach_to_widget and attach_to_status_icon are not implemented. You can calculate the location you want the notification to appear and call set_location.- set_property and get_property are not implemented. The summary, body and icon are accessible as attributes of a Notification instance.- Various methods that pynotify Notification instances got from gobject do not exist, or only implement part of the functionality.Several pynotify functions, especially getters and setters, are only supported for compatibility. You are encouraged to use more direct, Pythonic alternatives.Product's homepage Requirements:

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