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Bundle::Melody::extlib is a Perl module containing the prerequisite CPAN modules for running Melody and that is commonly distributed in its extlib directory.SYNOPSISperl -MCPAN -e "install Bundle::Melody::extlib"CONTENTSArchive::Extract 0.08Attribute::Params::Validate 1.7bignum 0.23 [1]Cache 2.04 [1]CGI 3.45Class::Accessor 0.22Class::Data::Inheritable 0.06Class::ErrorHandler 0.01Class::Trigger 0.1001Crypt::DH 0.06Data::ObjectDriver 0.06File::Copy::Recursive 0.23File::Temp 0.12Heap::Fibonacci 0.71HTML::Template 2.8I18N::LangTags 0.35Image::Size 2.93IO::Scalar 2.110 [1]IPC::Cmd 0.24Jcode 0.88JSON 2.12Log::Log4perlLog::DispatchLocale::Maketext 1.13Lucene::QueryParser 1.04LWP 5.831Math::BigInt 1.63MIME::Charset 0.044MIME::EncWords 0.040Module::Load 0.10Module::Load::Conditional 0.08Net::OAuth 0.11Net::OpenID::Consumer 1.03Params::Check 0.24Params::Validate 0.73Sub::InstallSOAP::Lite 0.710.08TheSchwartz 1.07UNIVERSAL 0.11URI 1.36URI::Fetch 0.08version 0.76XML::Elemental 2.1XML::NameSpaceSupport 1.09XML::SAX 0.96XML::Simple 2.14YAML::Tiny 1.12This bundle contains the prerequisite CPAN modules for running Melody that is commonly shipped in its extlib directory.[1] Distributions of Melody that include this bundle's contents in the extlib folder only come with a subset of these packages. This is a practice inherited from Movable Type to assist users who cannot install packages that require compilation. (Typically these users are usng FTP to install the software because of a lack of command line experience or (no) permissions.) These subsets are the pure Perl parts that Melody requires to operate. This excluded parts are not believed to effect Melody's normal operation.Product's homepage Requirements:

· Perl

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