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cuisine_sweet is a Python module that provides sugar-coated declarative recipes built on top of Fabric and Cuisine.Sample fabfile.pyfrom fabric.api import task, envfrom cuisine_sweet import ensureenv.hosts = [ '[email protected]' ]@taskdef initial(): ensure.yum.package_installed('gcc') ensure.yum.package_installed('make') ensure.yum.package_installed('git') ensure.yum.package_installed('python') ensure.yum.package_installed('python-devel') ensure.supervisord.installed()@taskdef deploy(): ensure.local_git.up_to_date(against='origin/master') ensure.local_git.clean() ensure.git.rsync('[email protected]:myproject.git', 'myproject', refspec='master', base_dir='git') ensure.user_crontab.loaded('git/myproject/user.cron') ensure.supervisord.running('git/myproject/supervisord.conf', '/tmp/') ensure.supervisord.updated_with_latest_config('git/myproject/supervisord.conf')InstallationThis module is available on PyPI and via Github directly.- Using pip: pip install cuisine_sweet.- Using setuptools. easy_install cuisine_sweet.- Or clone + python setup installEnsure Modules- git- local_git- yum- supervisord- user_crontab- fs- cpan_module- gitcuisine_sweet is a Python module that provides sugar-coated declarative recipes built on top of Fabric and Cuisine.This is experimental alpha-quality stuff. The API and implementation are still highly fluid and continuously evolving. See LICENSE file for more information.Product's homepage Requirements:

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