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ftw.tooltip allows you to dynamically add tooltips to every DOM element, which is selectable by jQuery and allows the title attribute.InstallingAdd ftw.tooltip to your buildout configuration:[instance]eggs = ftw.tooltipImport ftw.tooltip default profile.UsageBasically you have to register named ITooltipSource adapters. They will be queried by a view, which generates the necessary JS code.There are two example tooltip-source adapter, to show how they work- Static text example.- Dynamic text example, which reads the title attribute of the selected DOM element.You can load both examples on your site by register the following adapters:>>> from ftw.tooltip.demo_tooltip_source import (DemoStaticTooltipSource,... DemoDynamicTooltipSource)>>> from zope.component import provideAdapter>>> provideAdapter(DemoStaticTooltipSource, name="demo1")>>> provideAdapter(DemoDynamicTooltipSource, name="demo2")Or if you are using zcml:< adapter factory="ftw.tooltip.demo_tooltip_source.DemoStaticTooltipSource" name="demo1" / >< adapter factory="ftw.tooltip.demo_tooltip_source.DemoDynamicTooltipSource" name="demo2" / >- "demo1" puts a tooltip on #portal-logo.- "demo2" puts tooltips on every global-nav element and show the given title attribute as tooltip.ExampleIt's easy to define a new ITooltipSource adapter. The following example will show a tooltip "This is the edit bar" only on folderish types (check global_condition) and of course only if "documentEditable" css class is available:>>> from zope.component import adapts>>> from zope.interface import implements, Interface>>> from ftw.tooltip.interfaces import ITooltipSource>>> from plone.app.layout.navigation.interfaces import INavigationRoot>>> from Products.CMFCore.interfaces import IFolderish>>> class EditBarTooltip(object):... """Base demo static tooltip source. Use a given text"""... implements(ITooltipSource)... adapts(Interface, Interface)...... def __init__(self, context, request):... self.context = context... self.request = request...... def global_condition(self):... return bool(IFolderish.providedBy(self.context))...... def tooltips(self):... return [{... 'selector': u'#edit-bar',... 'text': u'This is the edit bar',... 'condition': 'div.documentEditable'}]Register the adapter with ZCML:>>> < adapter... factory="your.module.EditBarTooltip" name="my_edit_bar_tooltip" / >You may want to use your own tooltip layout: Just register a BrowserView named "ftw_tooltip_layout" and return the tooltip layout you prefere.Or you can fully customize the tooltip paramters by register a BrowserView named "ftw_tooltip_custom_config" - check jquerytools documentation for more details.Small customization example:{ offset: [-10, 10], position: 'right center', opacity: '0.7',}Product's homepage Requirements:

· Python
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· Escape tooltips. HTML should not be rendered but displayed. This prevents JS injection. [jone]

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