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logcat-color is a colorful alternative to the standard adb logcat command from the Android SDK.InstallationInstallation with pip / easy_install (may require sudo) pip install logcat-color.. or .. easy_install logcat-colorInstallation from source (requires setuptools, may require sudo) python setup.py installConfigurationlogcat-color supports a configuration file at $HOME/.logcat-colorThe configuration file is simply a python script, with a few interesting variables and types available to it.Sample .logcat-color# Width of the TAG column, default is 20tag_width = 20# Width of the PID column, default is 8pid_width = 8# Width of priority (log level) column, default is 3priority_width = 3ProfilesProfiles allow logcat-color to customize logging even further.In short, a single Profile can:- Filter certain tags, priorities, or messages- Use certain command line arguments- Customized display and color configurationProfiles live in the logcat-color configuration file. Here is an example:Profile(name = "radio", # Enable both radio and main buffers (-b radio -b main) buffers = ("radio", "main"), # Only pay attention to the RIL and RILC tags, and give them custom colors # Valid colors: RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, MAGENTA, CYAN, WHITE tags = { "RIL": BLUE, "RILC": GREEN  }, # Only look at these priority levels # Valid priorities: V (verbose), D (debug), I (info), W (warn), E (error), F (fatal) priorities = [ "I", "W", "E" ], # Only pay attention to log messages that match any of these filters # Each string is compiled as a regular expression. # Functions are called with the tag, priority, and message and # must return True to include the message in the log output. filters = [ r"My Custom Regex", lambda tag, priority, message: message == "Custom filter" ])ExamplesRun and colorify adb logcat logcat-colorColorify an old logcat text file you have laying around logcat-color < /path/to/my.logPipe logcat-color to egrep for only the tags you care about logcat-color -e | egrep '(Tag1|Tag2)'Run logcat-color with a custom profile for filters, colors, and custom arguments (see Profiles) logcat-color < profile-name >logcat-color also supports most of the standard adb / logcat arguments, making it a suitable full-time replacement for adb logcat alias logcat=/path/to/logcat-color logcat -e logcat -d logcat -s 123456789 -b radio -b mainProduct's homepage Requirements:

· Python

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