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py_al_papi is a Python wrapper around the Partner API calls. Allows post, priority post and get calls.Installpip install al_papiUsageConfigure your api key to be used to make requests:import al_papial_papi.Config.setup('yR43BtRDjadfavXy6a4aK3')POSTPost your keyword-engine-locale combination to the API once you have set your API key:import al_papial_papi.Config.setup('yR43BtRDjadfavXy6a4aK3')res ={ "keyword" : "Centaur Stampede", "engine" : "bing", "locale" : "en-us" })if res.success print "Centaur High Hoof""else print "PAPI Fail"Priority POSTPost your keyword to the priority queue if you need results in a more timely manner:import al_papial_papi.Config.setup('yR43BtRDjadfavXy6a4aK3')res = al_papi.Request.priority_post({ "keyword" : "Druggie Scientist", "engine" : "bing", "locale" : "en-us" })if res.success print "Scientific Pontification"else print "Drugs are bad"GETWhen you are ready to get your results you can do a GET request for your keyword-engine-locale combo:import al_papial_papi.Config.setup('yR43BtRDjadfavXy6a4aK3')res = al_papi.Request.priority_post({ "keyword" : "Canadian Wizards", "engine" : "bing", "locale" : "en-us" })if res.success print "Wizardry Is Sexy"else print "No magic, eh?"ResponseWhen making an API request a response object is returned with any errors, http response code and http reponse body.import al_papial_papi.Config.setup('yR43BtRDjadfavXy6a4aK3')res = al_papi.Request.priority_post({ "keyword" : "Canadian Wizards", "engine" : "bing", "locale" : "en-us" })# Errors:# Returns an array of error objects.res.errorsfor err in res.errors: print err.message print err.code# Success:# Returns true or false if request was successful or not.res.success# Body:# Returns body of response.# On GET requests the body will be a hash of your results if successful.res.body# Code:# Returns http response code.# 204: On GET requests when no data is available yet# 200: Successful# 401: Invalid api key# 500: Server Errorres.code# Over Limit:# Returns true or false if over hourly limitres.over_limit# Suspended:# Returns true or false if your account has been suspendedres.suspendedEnginesSupported engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. To get a list of supported engines run the following:import al_papial_papi.Engines.allLocalesSupported locales differ by the engine being used. In order to make sure you are using a supported locale for the engine you are posting a keyword to there is a locales class to help you:import al_papial_papi.Locales.supported # returns an array of locales for the default engine Googleal_papi.Locales.supported 'bing' # for other engines pass in the engine nameal_papi.Locales.supported 'yahoo'Product's homepage Requirements:

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